The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is an international group of non-competitive running/walking social clubs. A weekly running and/or walking event is known as a "hash", "hash run" or simply "hashing", with participants calling themselves "hashers" or "hares and hounds". 

The Hash House Harriers originated in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 1938. It was started by a group of British colonial officers and expatriates who were stationed there at the time. On Monday nights, they participated in a run based on the traditional British "Hare and the Hound" to get some exercise and rid themselves of weekend over-indulgences.


Subsequently, the club acquired the name: "Hash House Harriers." The name was derived from the nickname of the men's housing residence, "Hash House," because of its often repetitive and dreary meal choices. The name stuck, but Hashing died out during World War II. It was revived again after the war and has grown into the worldwide club it is today.

Before each Hash, a trail is set by Hares. The trail is usually marked with paper, chalk, sawdust or flour. It will often include checks, false trails, whichy-ways, and "YBFs" and it often involves running (or walking) through rugged country trails with beautiful scenery.

During the Hash, the lead runners (or walkers) search for the true trail while the slower runners or walkers enjoy a chance to catch up. The purpose of the false trails is to keep the pack together, emphasizing the social aspect of the run. On a well-laid trail, all members of the pack finish the trail close together.


After the run, it is time to socialize and have a drink with the pack. Drinks and/or food are provided for a small fee. Members gather in a circle, cajole each other for minor misdeeds and sing songs for a down-down. When called to the center of the circle for a down-down, members are expected to chug beer - although water is sometimes offered as an alternative to those driving. The socializing or On-After is continued on to a restaurant, bar or another location nearby.

EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of age/race/gender, running/walking ability, fitness level, and political/religious/hockey beliefs.  

The objectives of the Hash House Harriers are to:

  • Promote physical fitness among our members

  • Acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer

  • Persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel


Have you Hashed yet? If not, give it a try. It's the most fun you will ever have on a run.


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